Handmade Artisan Homewares at Bungalow Living

At Bungalow Living all cushions and homewares have an element of hand craftmanship. Whether it be fabric cut by myself for cushions to be sewn here in Dayboro by my sewing team, fabric hand woven and dyed in India, hand made pom poms and tassells from Vietnam and India, tote baskets woven in Morocco or belly baskets woven in Vietnam.

When an item is individually handcrafted by an artisan, rather than mass produced through a factory chain, that instantly adds a distinct and personal touch to any interior space.

Handmade products require time, artistry and skills which, once combined, give life to pieces greatly enriched by the care and personal attention invested by the artisan behind their creation. These items may be more rustic or non identical than those produced in a factory, however they have a story to tell.

Artisanal crafts infuse the space with a true sense of artistry. The work of a creative mind, and the materialization of its vision into functional art, complements the space with unmistakable authenticity and originality. Such elements of decor are timeless, undefined and unconstrained by the boundaries of different interior design styles and eras.

A factory made cushion will rarely have an interesting tale to tell, while the fruit of a man’s labor will always share its soul with an admirer.

You will not find any mass produced homewares at Bungalow Living and I predict we will turn away from the mass branded homewares and design pieces, and make a leap towards pieces that hold design integrity. Whether it be handmade ceramic homewares, hand stitched cushions, or natural basketry. Our interiors will become layered with individual pieces that support independent artisans.

Enhancing our interiors with skill, workmanship and artistry. Bungalow Living is about embracing craftsmanship and the art of authenticity.

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