How to clean outdoor cushions?

“How do I clean my outdoor cushoins?” is a question that I am asked often by Bungalow Living customers.  Like our indoor cushions we want to be able to freshen up our outdoor cushions too, as they are probably more likely to get dusty and dirty.  Even though our outdoor cushions are designed for covered balconies, patios and verandahs they are semi exposed to the elements.  Our outdoor cushions can become dirty from grubby hands, food and drink spillages, bird or wildlife poo and general dust.  My outdoor cushions seem to get quite dusty on my verandah and occasionaly end up with bird poo.  Here is a quick and easy guide to keep your outdoor cushions in tip top condition.


Dust off your outdoor cushions

Use  a brush such as clean dust pan brush to dust your cushions reguarly.  With wind and storms you often end up with dirt residue, leaves and spent blossoms on your cushions.  Make sure you get rid of these unwelcome visitors as with the addition of moisture these could stain your cushions.  Also use your brush to get rid of any wildlife poo from your cushions.


Washing instructions for outdoor cushions

Before you wash your outdoor cushions dust off any residue.  Next remove your cushion inserts.  Place cushion covers in the washing machine and wash in a cold wash using your standard laundry detergent.


Drying your outdoor cushions

Once the cushions have been through the machine, shake and hang on a line in the shade.   Do not put your covers in the clothes dryer as they are 100% polyester.  If hung out straight away to dry you should not have to iron your cushion covers.


Ironing your outdoor cushions

Your outdoor cushions are 100% polyester so if you do need to iron please take care.  Place a teatowel in between the cushion cover and the iron so as not to burn the fabric.


Hopefully you will find this information useful for keeping your Bungalow Living Outdoor Cushions looking their best for years to come.