Bungalow Living’s Ready Made Outdoor Cushion Collection

Well it has been a long time coming but they are finally live and availble for purchase!   As with everything in life you have a vision and then it can take a long time to turn into a reality.  This was definitely the case with our ready made Outdoor Cushion Collection.

The Background

Those of you who have been with me since the beginning, 2012 (such a long time ago!), would know that we prided ourselves in making our own outdoor cushions from fabric we purchased from the USA.  During COVID it became increasingly difficult to rely on ongoing fabric supply and this was controlled ulitmately by the fabric retailer.  A particular print of fabric that was popular in our cushion range may without any notice be no longer in production.  With this frustration I decided to look at printing our own outdoor fabrics, but I was hampered by large minimum order quanitites by the producers.  As a small business I could not comit to purchasing 20 metres of fabric that may or may not sell.  This was far too risky.

The Solution

After much research and emails I was lucky to find a factory in China that would print and make my cushion designs in small quantities.  I am so grateful to find this company and the contact person has been an absolute delight to deal with thus far.  The process is that I can electronically forward my designs to the factory and then they digtially print them on fabric and then make up the cushions.  They will manufacture any size and print cushion for me!

Given that Bungalow Living customers in the past have loved to mix and match their outdoor cushions, I decided to create a collection that is perfect for doing so.  This “capsule” collection contains the staples which include a solid colour, stripes, spots and geometrics.  A customer may choose different prints and pattters in the same colour or mix colour and prints.  The cushions in this collection also work well with the multicolour cushions that are available such as Summer Floral, Butterfly Garden and Isle of Capris.  I hope to add more and more designs to this collection, so watch this space!