How to purchase a large floor cushion from Bungalow Living

Are you in the market for a large floor cushion for your home?  They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, lazing around reading a book, watching the TV or just the clouds in the sky!

Bungalow Living Large Floor Cushions

Bungalow Living Large Floor Cushions


The large floor cushions have been purchased by indiviudal customers but also schools, after school care organisations, kindergartens and libraries.


They have also been popular with occupational therapists ordering the cushions for clients to support them sitting on the floor or for floor exercises.


Bungalow Living Large Floor Cushions

Bungalow Living Large Floor Cushions

We have made the floor cushions in a variety of fabrics including outdoor, indoor and gorgeous velvet for an alpine holiday home.

Warwick Floor Cushions

Warwick Fabric Floor Cushions – Outdoor

*Just to give you an idea of the process, I am going to use the example of Annabel, a customer today who purchased an extra large floor cushion.  Here were the steps  –

  1. Once I received the order I emailed Annabel to ask her where she will be using the cushion and what type of colour / pattern / look she was aiming for.
  2. Annabel responded by informing me that the cushion would be used indoors and that she was “open to your suggestions around fabric, just want something that will last. After a block colour in a neutral colour, again open to your suggestions”.
  3. I then had a look at the Warwick Fabric website at netural coloured indoor fabrics that may suit Annabel and emailed her the links to these fabrics – “Annabel, do like any of these?  Pelase scroll down each of these pages to see the colourways available.

  4. Annabel was very quick to make a decision “Let’s go the Jindabyne Ebony. That’s looks fantastic!”
  5. I then responded to Annabel “Fabulous, I will place the order with Warwick now.  Fabric will arrive in a few days.  I will make it up the day it arrives and send to you.I will send the insert separately as I have them made in a factory in NSW and it is double handling if I have it sent to QLD and back to you.

    If there are any issues Annabel I will let you know.

    Many thanks!

  6. I will then email the tracking details to Annabel for the insert and cushion cover when posted.

There you go, that is the process.  Sometimes customers may send me an image of their room or space that they wish to add the cushions to and we go from there.  It is a fun and simple process to create an unique bespoke high quality floor cushion just for you!