10 Top Tips for Creating That Vacation Feeling at Home

This year you may not be vacationing away and staying at home instead. Here are my tips for making your staycation feel like a true vacation!

  1. Wear flip-flops and sunglasses all day long, even if you’re not going anywhere. Air dry your hair and pack away your hair dryer.  Go make up free!  Bonus points for safari hats, sundresses, Hawaiian shirts and swimming trunks.
  2. Create a summer soundtrack on Spotify that includes lots of easy listening tunes with a bit of Bob Marley tossed in for good measure.Holiday At Home 6
  3. Happy hour, all hours… Set up your bar cart with your favourite cocktail ingredients.  Concoct your special creations, taste testing along the way of course. And top off with a paper umbrella for an added touch of class.  Make ahead iced tea and keep in the refrigerator to sip in between your cocktail creations. Holiday At Home 10
  4. Go out for ice-cream or make healthy popsicles to cool down.Holiday At Home 11
  5. Turn your balcony, porch or garden into an outdoor oasis. Hang a hammock, lanterns and a string of lights or make a cabana out of sheets, folding mats and outdoor cushions.HOLIDAY AT HOME
  6. Enjoy the lazy days of summer with some old-fashioned R&R. Read a good book in the sun, play card or board games after dinner or play the guitar.Holiday At Home 1
  7. Disconnect – Find yourself checking emails out-of-hours all the time? Not on this weekend you don’t! Set up an out-of-office, switch off the inbox on your phone and f eel the freedom immediately.Holiday At Home 3
  8. Do things you enjoy – It goes without saying normal household tasks – laundry, cleaning etc – are off limits. Forget the housework and maybe do a spot of gardening and plant some flowers.
  9. BBQ & Picnic – Try and avoid cooking and eating indoors.  Dust of off the BBQ and check your picnic basket and head outdoors to cook and eat!  This subtle change will definitely create a holiday feel.
    Vacation at Home Summer Holidays

    Vacation at Home Summer Holidays

    Holiday At Home 2

  10. Siesta – After indulging in your mega meal without any ounce of shame or guilt, there’s only one thing left to do: siesta! This is the time for you to pass out gracefully somewhere other than your bed.  The essential daybed on the verandah or patio will come in hand, as will a hammock or a blanket thrown on the grass under a shady tree.Holiday At Home 4